"What strikes me the most about Danny is that he seems to have compassion for animals and sincerity to maintain meaningful relationships with the no-bullshit people in his life. I love his entrepreneurial spirit too!"

Anthony Cassel, Sotheby's International

"Danny brings presence, creativity, and curiosity to his work. He's the kind of guy you could drop anywhere in the world and, if you came back a year later, find him thriving. If he asks you to join one of his ventures, say yes. He's going to go like gangbusters."

Christopher Wimmer, Emergent Legal

"Personable, engaging, even-keeled, consistent."

Donald Cheney, LabChem

"I have known Danny for 10+ years. Danny is very clear, personable (can adapt and get along with anyone, anywhere), and straight to the point. He's a great observer. More important, a very solid down-to-earth guy who you can trust at all times no matter the situation. Loves helping others!"

Sante Sandhu, Injoy Homes

"Danny is one of the most solid guys I know – he's trustworthy, an intensely hard worker, and a master of the hustle. He's an iron-clad business partner, and a terribly friendly individual with a mastery of the gift of gab. If you need to make something happen, he's the man, and if you're unfortunate enough to run into him on the basketball court, my only advice to you is to get out of his way."

Seth Chapla, Chapla Labs

"Danny is stubborn and headstrong. Operationalized, these traits create an individual with a strong determination to reach his goals. Danny is a loyal friend who is dedicated to those closest to him. He is a person rooted in his love for family and draws inspiration from his relationships and Asian heritage."

Rachael Lydeard, School Psychologist

"Danny is a very intelligent, open-minded individual that I had the pleasure of meeting briefly in my hometown. Although I haven't known Danny on a very personal level, the time I have spent with him has been remarkable. Honesty and trust are two of the qualities that shine brightly in him, and his charismatic passionate attitude attracts you instantly. His inquisitive mind will take him to great heights, and I am very grateful to be a part of his journey to success in some small way."

Jolee Lewis, Keller Williams